The World Games 2022 Birmingham

The World Games 2022 Birmingham


Medications that athletes use, regardless of whether they are purchased over the counter or received with a prescription from a doctor, may contain substances that are prohibited in sport. It is essential that athletes and their support personnel understand exactly what substances are permitted, in what dosage and under which conditions. Remember, the principle of Strict Liability means that athletes are solely responsible for what they ingest.

If you are not sure how to check your medications, we recommend reviewing our guide for athletes.



Using supplements is risky as no guarantee can be given that a supplement is free from prohibited substances. In fact, supplements are one of the main causes of inadvertent doping. Remember that you, as an athlete, are responsible for what is found in your system, regardless as to how it got there – and that’s an important responsibility to carry.

Despite the risks, we know that many athletes do take supplements – a recent study suggests that 40-70% of athletes use supplements (Garth & Ramsbottom, 2020). As such, it is really important that you know how to make an informed choice. Check out our supplement guide for more information and take a look at the short video below from sports pharmacist Mark Stuart to find out more:



With the ITA tutorials, we cover the most important topics and answer frequently asked questions from the anti-doping field. No need to read through long descriptions – just watch and learn.

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