24 April 2023

The ITA imposes a 3-year sanction on athlete Collin Chartier

The International Testing Agency (ITA) – recently appointed to independently handle the results management and intelligence & investigations of anti-doping rule violations on behalf of IRONMAN’s anti-doping program – reports that U.S. athlete Collin Chartier has accepted a 3-year period of ineligibility as a consequence of his anti-doping rule violation stemming from a sample collected out-of-competition on 10 February 2023.

* Article 10.8.1 of the IRONMAN ADR (and World Anti-Doping Code) provides for a  “One-Year Reduction for Certain Anti-Doping Rule Violations Based on Early Admission and Acceptance of Sanction”:   Where an Athlete or other Person, after being notified by IRONMAN of a potential anti-doping rule violation that carries an asserted period of Ineligibility of four (4) or more years (including any period of Ineligibility asserted under Article 10.4), admits the violation and accepts the asserted period of Ineligibility no later than twenty (20) days after receiving notice of an anti-doping rule violation charge, the Athlete or other Person may receive a one-year reduction in the period of Ineligibility asserted by IRONMAN. Where the Athlete or other Person receives the one-year reduction in the asserted period of Ineligibility under this Article 10.8.1, no further reduction in the asserted period of Ineligibility shall be allowed under any other Article.”


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