5 April 2024

The ITA has notified fencer Anna Kun (Hungary) of a potential anti-doping rule violation

The International Testing Agency (ITA), leading an independent anti-doping program for the Fédération Internationale d’Escrime (FIE), confirms that it has notified Hungarian fencer Anna Kun of a potential Anti-Doping Rule Violation for a combination of three Whereabouts Failures within a twelve-month period.

1 Athletes included in a Registered Testing Pool (“RTP”), such as Anna Kun, have the obligations to provide daily whereabouts as well as a specific daily 60-minute time slot where they will be available for testing. The purpose is to allow Anti-Doping Organisations to locate athletes for unannounced Out-of-Competition Testing. Any combination of three Missed Tests (which relate to the Athletes’ unavailability with respect to their 60-minute time slot) and/or Filing Failures (which are caused by the Athletes’ failure to provide accurate Whereabouts) committed within a twelve-month period amount to a potential ADRV as per article 2.4 of the FIE ADR and World Anti-Doping Code. The potential consequences for such ADRV, if confirmed, is a period of Ineligibility between one and two years and disqualification of results obtained since the date of the ADRV, namely the date of the occurrence of third Whereabouts Failure (article 10.3.2 FIE ADR).


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