The ITA sanctions gymnast Dipa Karmakar with a 21-month period of inegibility for the presence of a prohibited substanceThe ITA notifies Chinese weightlifter Xiaojun Lyu of an apparent anti-doping rule violationThe ITA asserts apparent Anti-Doping Rule Violations against 4 weightlifters prior to the IWF World ChampionshipsFormer IWF president and IWF vice-president sanctioned with a lifetime ban as a result of ITA’s prosecutionThe ITA imposes two-year sanctions on six Egyptian weightliftersThe ITA asserts apparent anti-doping rule violations against 6 weightlifters from PakistanThe ITA welcomes decision of CAS ADD to sanction weightlifter Nijat Rahimov for ADRV of swapping samplesThe ITA asserts ADRVs against three Russian wrestlers based on WADA I&I investigations, Prof McLaren report and LIMS dataThe ITA asserts ADRVs and prosecutes weightlifters based on WADA I&I investigations, McLaren report and LIMS dataBeijing 2022 – The ITA asserts an apparent anti-doping rule violation against Spanish athlete Laura Barquero

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