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The International Testing Agency is proud to contribute to a fair field of play with our commitment to clean sport education. We collaborate with dynamic and experienced Educators to deliver event-based and virtual education programmes, and make the athletes’ voice the focus of all our work. We tackle key anti-doping topics and include all perspectives, including those of sanctioned athletes. We also work with a group of World-leading experts to continuously improve the quality of our services and to grow the scope of our offering.

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The Team

The ITA Education Team is a small group of ambitious individuals who are passionate about clean sport and believe in our ability, as the larger sport community, to generate meaningful change. But we cannot do this alone – we work in collaboration with an experienced Expert Group and a team of dynamic Education Ambassadors.


A variety of clean sport education resources have been created by the World Anti-Doping Agency, International Federations, National Anti-Doping Organizations and other sport system stakeholders. You can navigate through the best and most relevant resources in our library.


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