Expertise and collective force

anti-doping programmes

The fight against doping is becoming more and more complex. New doping methods emerge. New scientific data become available and new means to effectively combat doping are developed accordingly.

The ITA unites existing expertise and the collective force of its partners to offer state-of-the-art and tailor-made anti-doping programmes. We want to offer our partners the ability to focus exclusively on growing their sport and developing their events while the ITA focuses solely on fighting doping.

The ITA is a not-for-profit organisation that combines expertise, experience and independence to deliver high quality anti-doping programmes in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code.



  • Design and manage tailor-made Test Distribution Plans (TDPs)
  • Organise, coordinate and supervise in- and out of competition testing
  • Manage testing pools and athletes’ whereabouts
  • Implement prompt target testing based on intelligence
  • High quality and cost-efficient sample collection
  • Process testing paperwork. Manage unsuccessful attempts and whereabouts failures


Science and Research

  • Work in close collaboration with WADA-accredited laboratories
  • Receive and review laboratory results
  • Establish and manage long-term storage and re-analyses programmes
  • Liaise with scientific experts
  • Review Adverse Analytical Findings (AAF) and Atypical Findings (ATF)
  • Risk assessment
  • Promote scientific knowledge and research


Athlete Biological Passport

  • Manage Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) and Athlete Biological Passport Management Unit
  • Liaise with ABP experts
  • Liaise with scientific experts
  • Review Adverse Analytical Findings (AAF) and Atypical Findings (ATF)
  • Risk assessment
  • Promote scientific knowledge and research



  • Collaborate closely with WADA, law enforcement authorities, IFs, NADOs and other stakeholders
  • Collect intelligence
  • Monitor suspended athletes
  • Monitor athletes’ performance
  • Provide support for non-analytical Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ex. LIMS data)


Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)

  • Inform athletes and support athletes’ personnel of applicable TUE policies
  • Receive and process TUE applications
  • Manage independent TUE panel

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Results Management

  • Review adverse laboratory results
  • Notification of parties
  • Case prosecution (first instance and appeal)
  • Conduct hearings before competent jurisdictions
  • First instance ITA Disciplinary Panel



  • Review IFs and MEOs anti-doping rules
  • Assist anti-doping organisations with WADA compliance assessments and audits
  • Conduct audits of anti-doping programmes
  • Data protection and security


ADAMS Management

  • Upload and manage day-to-day data
  • Create athlete profiles
  • General support and liaison with WADA



  • Deliver anti-doping education programmes
  • Identify events for the delivery of outreach programmes in collaboration with IFs and MEOs
  • Introduce and educate athletes and athletes’ support personnel to the use of ADAMS
  • Promote academic research on anti-doping and partner with relevant academic and integrity centres

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