IDCO Training Program Registration Form

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1. Colour photo which must be equivalent to passport standard (no headgear and showing a neutral face) 2. White background and PNG or JPEG portrait format (4 : 3) 3. Head and face covers at least 70% of the image, with no shadows or reflection 4.We may contact you to provide another photo if it does not meet the requirement.
Read each requirement and check the box if it is true for you. If there are requirements you do not meet , please provide further information to support your application in the field below.
FOR EXAMPLE: • Previous work experience as a DCO (how many years, tested in which kind of event – national /international) • Previous trainings that received • Other work experience relevant to doping control/testing • Any other information that can prove you are experienced in doping control NOTE: If you have checked all the six requirements above, you can simply answer "none".