Guiding Principles


Generate distinctive value to our partners

The ITA generates value for IFs and MEOs by delivering high quality anti-doping services, and by ensuring the partners’ credibility and recognition in the fight against doping. To achieve this, the ITA strives for continuous improvement of its staff, processes and technology across all areas of activity.


Strong compliance and independence

To ensure trust is built with the key stakeholders, the ITA has strong compliance mechanisms with the World Anti-Doping Code and data protection regulations. It manages sensitive information securely. The ITA has a clear governance structure with full operational independence of the ITA’s administration.


Professional and collaborative approach with stakeholders

The ITA works closely and collaboratively with all key stakeholders to unite the anti-doping community in its fight for clean sport. The ITA attends to the public opinion as a key stakeholder, addressing its legitimate scrutiny with utmost transparency, professionalism and integrity.


Sophisticated, efficient and centralised operations

To enable sophisticated, efficient and centralised operations, the ITA is a process and platform driven organisation that fully leverages the potential synergies across functions. The ITA facilitates information flow within the organisation and exchanges knowledge with all stakeholders involved in the fight against doping.


Flexible and agile organisation structure

The ITA operates with flexibility and agility to be able to scale up and down efficiently. The ability to adapt quickly to market needs, changing conditions and emerging trends is important. The ITA is able to embrace change and be resilient.